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Our Full Line Of Products. Coded From Scratch. Used By Thousands of Happy Customers...

Revealed: Two Email Marketing Experts Share With You Their Secret Weapon That Will Give Anyone An Unfair Advantage...

  • Our All-In-One Email Marketing Solution: You can forget about paying expensive autoresponder bills to major companies each and every month, forget about nosy compliance departments, our WordPress plugin has EVERYTHING you need to start making real money.
  • Developed By Two Email Marketing Experts: WP Response Pro is the exact same technology that we use within our own business. Our plugin has features that you won't find anywhere else. It was designed to be easy to use, anyone can get started right away.
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Watch A Sluggish, Slow WordPress Site Become Lighting Fast In Just 1-Click...

  • Make More Money From ALL Of Your Sites: Right now, you could be missing out on thousands of dollars. It's a fact, no one wants to visit and browse a slow loading website. Think of how many times you've left a site that was loading slow. With WP Hyper Speed you never again have to worry again about your site loading. Speed = Money.
  • Keep Visitors Happy and Get More FREE Traffic: No one wants to share a slow loading website on social media or stay on your site when clicking through from Google. A faster website means higher visitor enguagment and lower bounce rates. Put yourself in the position to get more traffic and keep your visitors happy.
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Why All Top Sites Use This "Trick" + How To Do The Same In 30 Seconds...

  • Send Traffic Anywhere: Create ads and send people to affiliate offers, sales pages, squeeze pages, CPA offers, or even other content on your site.
  • Proven Ad Design That Gets Visitors Clicking: The native ad design works for getting massive CTR. These style of ads are on some of the most heavily trafficked sites on the Internet.
  • Finally, Make Money With Your Site: Our Stealth Ads plugin could be the missing piece of the puzzle if you've been struggling to monetize your site.
  • Works With Any Theme, Mobile-Friendly: Create ads in under a minute even if you're brand new to WordPress. Works on any WordPress theme and is mobile friendly.
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WARNING: Google Is Shaming Your Website And Telling Your Visitors Not To Trust You...

  • 100% Google Compliant: Don't let your site get "slapped" by Google's "Not Secure" warning. Our WP Easy SSL plugin will put your site in compliance with Google's new standard.
  • Save A TON Of Money: You won't need to spend hundreds or even thousands of dollars yearly on SSL certificates for all of your sites. Our plugin leverages a FREE service called Cloudflare.
  • Make More Money By Going Green In Minutes: Make your site go from HTTP to green HTTPS in minutes. Visitors will trust your site and that leads to increased conversions.
  • Built-In SmartLOOP Technology:: Our plugin protects you from an "endless redirect loop" that can leave you locked out of your site.
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The "Legal Loophole" That Can Kill Your Business + How To Solve It In Just 1-Click...

  • Professionally Written Legal Pages In 1-Click: In just 1- click you can create all the required legal pages 99% of marketers need. These pages can be created in your theme and/or as a standalone page outside of your theme.
  • Drag & Drop FTC Disclaimer Widget: This is a MUST for every affiliate marketer. Instantly add an FTC Disclaimer to any WordPress sidebar or widget area.
  • Customizable EU Cookie Compliance Bar: Displaying an EU cookie compliance bar has never been easier. If you are getting traffic from the EU and your sites uses cookies, you need this to possible legal consequences.
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WordPress Expert Reveals The "Hidden" Mistakes That Every Site Owner Makes + How To Fix It...

  • Automatically Check 17 Different Settings For Best Practices: In just 1- click you can check your site for security and performance "loopholes".
  • Your Site Could Be Vulnerable To Hackers: Things like the wrong file/folder permissions and default or identical keys/salts could leave your site wide open to hackers that can access your site easily.
  • For Both Brand New and Established Sites: This should be one of the first plugins you install on new sites. But, we also recommend installing and activating it on all of your existing or established sites to make sure they are setup correctly and securely.
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The ONLY All-In-One WordPress Plugin That Will Fully Protect All Of Your Content Against Internet Thieves...

  • Built-In Advanced Hotlink Protection: Prevent thieves from linking directly to your images and files from their own sites, on forums, and even in emails. This prevents direct illegal piracy of your content.
  • Automatic Right-Click Blocking: Right now, anyone can view the source code of your pages or easily copy the direct links to your files and images by simply right-clicking. Visitors will no longer be able to right-click on any part of your site.
  • Automatic Copy & Paste Blocking: You see this done all the time and it can jeopardize your search engine rankings. There are site owners out there that will simply copy & paste your content and post it on their sites. No one will be able to copy and paste any part of your content.
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PROOF: Watch A Brand New WordPress Page Get Indexed In Google In Less Than 30 Seconds...

  • Get Unlimited FREE Traffic From Google: Getting your WordPress page or post indexed is the first step in getting free targeted SEO traffic.
  • 2-Click Instant Indexing: Click 2 buttons and your page or post will be indexed within minutes most of the time within seconds. Use this plugin to index unlimited pages and posts on your sites.
  • Built-In Real Time Sitemap Generator: Use our built-in real time sitemap generator or use a conventional sitemap typically found in SEO plugin like Yoast.
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This 1-Minute "Tweak" Made $4,298.40 In Extra Sales + Got Us 936 New Subscribers For FREE...

  • 100% Proven Results: Whether you're looking to build a list, sell more of your own products, make easy affiliate commissions, or get more webinar sign-ups, WP Traffic Up will make it happen. You need to stop wasting traffic and start maximizing it.
  • Force People To Take Action With Professional Built-In Animations: WP Traffic Up features 9 stunning transition animations that will instantly grab your visitors attention. No more "choppy" cut animations any other nonsense from half-baked plugins.
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In 1-Click Make More Money By "Forcing" People To See Your Offers Using PROVEN PopTAB Technology...

  • The Same Technology 'Big' Sites Use: 1/3 of the most heavily trafficked websites are using the exact same technology. That means this technology and tactic works. If it didn't work, they wouldn't be doing this on their sites.
  • Make A TON More Money: Force people to see your offers. The more offers you put in front of people, the more money you make. Right now, you could be missing out and leaving money on the table. Pop Under PRO maximizes your traffic.
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FINALLY: Remove All Of Your Unwanted Content From Google Search Results In Just 1-Click...

  • Close The Google 'Backdoor' Like An SEO Expert: Never again worry that one of your thank you, download, membership page, or any other post or page on your site you don't want people to see are listed in Google.
  • Make More Money: You would be shocked at the number of people who turn to Google when trying to gain access to your free or paid content without optining into your list or buying. These thieves will never be able to search Google and find your pages.
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What People Are Saying...

Robert Githens

Both Mark and Michael are two of the most professional and knowledgeable IM marketers/developers in the Internet Marketing space. They are a pleasure deal and work with. Their products are superb...even more than superb...just absolutely AWESOME and always priced right where they need to be. The value they provide is exceptional and always give more than necessary. Support is phenomenal...always timely and questions answered fully to my satisfaction. I do not believe I have ever had quicker and accurate turnaround on a support question. I trust these guys explicitly and always look forward to their next product since it always provides a solution to some problem or challenge in the Internet marketing space.

Robert Githens
Jeff Baer

Michael Thomas & Mark Hess are the best Premium WordPress Plugin Developers out there. They develop simple to use, but powerful solutions for the internet marketing community. I use at least 5 of their plugins on every one of my sites. Their customer support is top notch and they actually take the time to listen to plugin and feature suggestions. I love how they come to market with simple sales pages that explain the plugin in less than 5 minutes and they offer unique bonuses on other people launches of high quality products. Join their Facebook Group and buy their plugins, both will add value to your business.

Jeff Baer
Nick Ponte - Offline Sharks

I've been hearing the hype behind IM Income Lab for a while now but only recently have had the privilege to work with both Mark & Mike. If you ever get the opportunity— drop what your doing and pay attention! With their help, we took an average product launch, expected to do decent numbers, to a complete knock-it-out-of-the-park home run! There are NO shortcuts to gain the knowledge and wisdom that these guys bring to the table. You have to put in the time to become elite and that's exactly what they are.

Nick Ponte - Offline Sharks
Jeremy Grates

You guys have awesome products and always backup the products you make. You have earned trust which is hard to do in this industry. I will definitely purchase products from you in the future and continue to support you.

Jeremy Grates
Peter Williams

IM INCOME LAB with the dynamic duo of Mark Hess and Michael Thomas provide the best internet marketing tools that surpasses in quality and usefulness of all the shiny object tools out there today. Their products are simple to use and address needed tasks to enhance any web site developer or online entrepreneur's efforts. But these dudes do not stop there, the promptness and thoroughness of there customer support is impeccable. It is impressive when you can have IM INCOME LAB support log into your Word Press account (after giving them permission of course) and provide troubleshooting support the likes of which major companies pay thousands per month for. I am truly impressed and inspired to press on to try to make some coin online. Thanks Guys!

Peter Williams
Teresa Beeman

Mark Hess and Michael Thomas are two of the most respectable marketers I have ever dealt with. Their honesty and integrity are above reproach. I cannot say enough good things about these guys. Their products are top-quality and their customer service is fantastic. Rarely do I purchase anything from anyone unless I run it by Mark first. I've developed a 'Mark Hess-approved' policy for my purchases. Mark and Michael are super helpful, really nice guys. I would not hesitate to recommend them or their products.

Teresa Beeman
John Taylor

What impresses me the most about these guys is the thought that goes into their products. Their products solve real problems. There are no gimmicks, no fluff, no filler. They create simple, easy to install and use products that make my life easier, save time and boost my productivity. 

John Taylor
Steven Spiller

The products provided by IM Income Lab are simply fantastic. They are each designed to do one thing, and do it well. By having each product focus on a single task, they are fast, very easy to use and don't get in your way. All too often creators think they have to include everything in one product and end up with a complicated mess. Not so with IM Income Lab. I cannot recommend their product highly enough. It's no point in having great products if your support doesn't match up. IM Income Lab support is fast, friendly and knowledgeable. You can tell they actually read and understand your support ticket, rather than running from a script designed to satisfy a fast response time promise.

Steven Spiller

We Test Everything and Create In-Demand, Proven Software, That Our Customers Love...

Mark Hess

Income Architect, Infopreneur, and WordPress Enthusiast...

Michael Thomas

Living The Dream, World Traveler, and Coding Genius...

Our Promise To You:

  • Outstanding Support – Should you run into any issues with our software we are always here to help in a timely manner.

  • Money Back Guarantee – We offer a money back guarantee on all of our products. No questions asked, no drama, if you’re not happy we will gladly give you a refund.

  • Fully Updated – We use all of the software we create within our own business. All of our software is constantly updated to meet any type of changing environment.

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