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Here Are Just Some Of The Ways To Use WP Convert Link To Make More Money...

Dynamic Geo-Targeting For Incoming Traffic

Our plugin easily allows you to target a visitors location. You can display where the person is from anywhere on your page such as in the headline or body of text. Display the country, region, time zone, city, or zip code. You see this done ALL THE TIME in ads that are displayed on sites, on landing pages, and sales pages for certain products. It's a proven way to get higher conversions which of course means you make more money.

Launching A Product? Make A TON More Money

Listen, this is something every top product vendor does on every product launch. They create a bonus page for their affiliates to use. The reason they do this is because bonus pages are proven to convert better than people sending traffic straight to a sales page. With WP Convert Link, you can create just one single page then tell affiliates to link to that page using their affiliate id. Affiliates will make more money and YOU will make more money.

Build A Bigger Biz-Opp Team or MLM Downline

The reason why most people fail in a biz-opp or MLM is because they keep using the pages their system provides. You may know how to create pages in WordPress but the people you recruit don't. Now you can create pages or blog posts your entire team can use to recruit. All those people need to do is add their member name, user name, or id to the end of a link so they get credit for the sale. You build a bigger team, you make more money.

Get More From Your Social Traffic

Most of us have YouTube videos, post in Facebook groups and have Facebook pages, use Twitter or Instagram all to drive free traffic to our sites. With WP Convert Link you can now place specific welcome messages to those visitors and get them to take action. So now, you can maximize the effectiveness of all of the links you post on social media.

Compatibility Requirements For Software or Apps

If you are selling a software or app of some sort you want to make sure that person meets certain requirements. For instance, right now, I see you are using [wp-convert-links name="device.browser"] and [wp-convert-links name="device.os"]. You can still buy this because it's a WordPress plugin. (see what I did there?). This is a built-in feature of our plugin. Select it from the drop down menu, then simply copy & paste.

100% Paid Traffic Compliant So You Can Make More Money From Each Click

If you're running any sort of paid traffic, you need to start using WP Convert Link.

Here's why...

When people see an ad, land on a page, and see that the offer is more targeted to them specifically, they take action.

It's proven and that's why big time advertisers who are dumping hundreds of thousands into ads each month are using this tactic.

If they do it, you should be doing it too.

Our plugin is 100% compliant with all networks.

Plus, It's Super Easy To Use...

Literally, anyone can start using WP Convert Link right away.

Fill in a couple boxes...

Then, just copy & paste.

It doesn't get any easier and you don't have to be some technical wizard to use this plugin.

Even if you know absolutely nothing about WordPress you'll be up and running in under 1 minute.

You Need To Add This To Your Arsenal...

If you watched the video and read through this entire page, I hope you realize how valuable a plugin like this will be within your business.

You need to add this to your marketing arsenal.

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  • Copy & Paste Shortcode Feature Which Allows You To Easily Insert Your Custom Content.

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Regular Price: $97


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