Save Days Of Frustration With "Auto-Failover" Downloads
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  • Make More Money and Keep People Happy: Most customers will never buy again after having a bad experience. With our plugin you will NEVER have to worry about your support desk or inbox are filled with messages from angry customers and subscribers who can't download their free reports, bonuses, or products. Happy customers = more money.
  • Leverage Totally FREE Services: What's not as well known is that common "unlimited" shared hosting accounts are far from being truly unlimited. Our plugin leverages the use of free cloud hosting services without worrying about quotas & other outages. Your links will never go down.
  • Instant Auto-Download Failover: Our plugin keeps a constant eye on your downloads. 24 x 7 x 365, it'll make sure your customers and subscribers are able to access their content & products. When services do go down, it'll automatically flip over to the next service and continue.
  • Get Instant Notifications When Services Go Down: Should a service go down, you will know instantly. (not that you'll need to do anything - our plugin will have automatically "flipped" the link long before you read the email) We put it in the plugin for extra peace of so you know for certain your business is safe.
  • Installs In Seconds: This plugin is very newbie friendly. Install, activate, then copy and paste. We offer a 30 day money back guarantee. You are getting lifetime access today with updates included.

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Unlimited Developer License:

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