In 1-Click Comply With Google's Latest Affiliate Link Update.

in 1-click comply with google's latest affiliate link update...

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don't get slapped by google

Hey! Mark Hess and Michael Thomas here...

We've had our sites slapped in the past thanks to Google updates and it's not fun.

It cost us a bunch of time and money getting the search rankings back up.

So when Google finished rolling out their "Link Spam" update that came with a warning to affiliate marketers we paid attention.

Google said you need to start marking up and qualifying your affiliate links or risk getting slapped and losing your search rankings.

That's pretty serious stuff. The Search Engine Journal reported on it -

Now here's the big problem with Google all of a sudden requiring this...

For many site owners who have hundreds of pages or posts on their site going through and adding this rel="sponsored" markup to each individual affiliate link in order to comply with this "Link Spam" Google update is nearly impossible.

But NOT doing it could result in your site being penalized and slapped by Google in search results.

And it's not just search results, your Google Ads landing page also needs to comply too with this update.

Fortunately, we developed a super easy way to get in compliance and permanently stay there...

1-click google compliance with wp promote guard 

The last thing we want is for our sites to get slapped and we don't want your sites to get slapped either.

The plugin works by adding the rel="sponsored" markup to ALL of your affiliate links ACROSS YOUR ENTIRE SITE AUTOMATICALLY.

All new links you create AND all existing affiliate links will AUTOMATICALLY be in compliance.

We have support for JVZoo, WarriorPlus, and Clickbank built-in.

If you're using an affiliate link cloaker like WP Ever Link or Pretty Links or promoting things from ANY other affiliate network, no problem.

You simply copy & paste the start of the URL into a box in the settings and you're good to go.

It works with all auto-blogging plugins or auto-updating affiliate sites too.

This plugin brings you into Google compliance with 1-click and it keeps you in compliance any time you add a new affiliate link automatically.

It literally doesn't get any easier than this.

You need to watch the video at the top of this page and get a copy of this plugin right now.

If you're an affiliate marketer you need to install this WordPress plugin on ALL of your sites immediately.

super easy to use.

Our WordPress plugin is super easy to use with no complicated settings.

You can see by the screenshots that everything is straight forward (click on the images to enlarge).

You can literally be in Google compliance within 30 seconds.

If you have JVZoo, WarriorPlus, or Clickbank links on your site check the enable box and click save changes, you're done.

Now, any affiliate link you post on your site will now have rel="sponsored" markup put on the end of the link to comply with this Google update.

If you're using any other affiliate network like Amazon or a link cloaker, no problem.

Just place the beginning part of your affiliate link URL in the box. The plugin will automatically add rel="sponsored" markup to the end of those links.

All of this happens automatically for any new links you post on your site and all of your old links will also be in compliance instantly.

Do you really want to risk getting slapped by Google when all you had to do was install WP Promote Guard and click a couple buttons?

 Try It Risk-free for 30 days!

We want you to try WP Promote Guard on all of your WordPress powered sites because we don't want to see you get penalized by Google. You're protected by our no questions asked 30-day money-back guarantee. If you're unhappy with the plugin for ANY reason submit a support ticket and we'll gladly give you a full refund. No games. No gimmicks. No drama. That's our promise to you.


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Mark Hess

Michael Thomas

Our software is created from scratch and used by thousands of happy customers. Thank you so much for taking the time to check out WP Promote Guard. We appreciate it and hope you put our WordPress plugin to good use on your sites. We'll see you in the members area.