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Full Integration With The Mozscape® API

WP SEO Linker leverages the free Mozscape API to bring you truly accurate results so you can see all inbound links to your site, the anchor text, and whether that link is do follow or no follow.

There's no additional cost and you don't need to be a paying member of Moz in order for the plugin to work. Both regular links and image links are supported.

Avoid "Toxic" Backlinks

Right now you could have toxic sites linking to yours which could be killing your search rankings and you don't even know it. WP SEO Linker allows you to see and then submit to disavow any links within Google.

If you're serious about getting free search engine traffic to your sites, there are many pieces to that, you need to do everything possible to make sure your site is in good standing and this is just one more thing you should be doing.

Audit SEO Services You've Purchased

Many of us pay for SEO services. Typically those services include building backlinks to your sites. There are service providers out there on freelancing sites that will try to lie and tell you the service was delivered and links were processed.

Using WP SEO Linker on your sites you can now see if those services where delivered properly and you got what you paid for.

Uncover Sources Of Traffic You Never Knew About

The really interesting thing about this plugin is not only can you weed out the bad, but it allows you to also see the good.

You can discover sites and the specific links on them which are linking to your site which could be sending you traffic. Now you can see who and how the good people out there are linking to your sites.

Newbie Friendly and Super Easy To Use

Using this plugin couldn't be any easier...

Install the plugin, activate it, copy & paste, a report is automatically generated and the report gets automatically updated so you can see at any time which sites are linking to yours.

WP SEO Linker and Our Promise...

Here's our 3-part promise to you...

  • WP SEO Linker works right out of the box exactly as described on this page and in the video. No false advertising. 
  • Full Support. Should you run into any issues with our software we are always here to help in a timely manner. No monthly or yearly fee.
  • Fully Updated. All of our software is constantly updated to meet any type of changing environment and auto-updates are shown in your WordPress dashboard.

30-Day No Questions Asked Guarantee:

We want you to try WP SEO Linker on all of your WordPress powered sites because we know how powerful it is and what it can do for your business.

Try our WordPress plugin for a full 30 days on all of your sites. If you're not happy for any reason submit a support ticket and we will gladly give you a full refund. No Games. No Gimmicks. No Drama.

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1-Year Of Access

  • Use One 1 Domain You Own
  • Free Mozscape® API Integration
  • 30-Day Money Back Guarantee
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  • 1-Year Support and Updates Included

Mark Hess

Michael Thomas

Our software is created from scratch and used by thousands of happy customers. Thank you so much for taking the time to check out this special offer. We appreciate it and hope you put our WordPress plugin to good use on your sites. We'll see you in the members area.